De Graal

Whisky San Graal 63% Alc. Vol.

 (cask strength)

San Graal (Holy Grail) has matured during 5 years in Bourbon casks. These Bourbon casks give San Graal an intensive vanilla touch.
In order to preserve the intense taste, San Graal is not diluted but bottled at cask strength (63% Alc. Vol.). San Graal is non-chilled filtered. As far as known, this whisky is the first Belgian single malt cask strenght 5 year old whisky. Even at 63% this whisky is very smooth due to its delicate distillation. Of course it is still possible to add water or ice still giving a tasteful whisky at lower alcoholpercentage.

San Graal has been decorated with a new logo and bottled in two versions: 200 mL and 500 mL bottles. (The 500 mL bottle is packed in a tin gift package foreseen of the new logo in 3D on the lid of the gift package.

San Graal is available at the brewery

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