From the early start of brewery De Graal, the intention was to offer a wide range of high quality beers. Right now there are six different tastes of De Graal beers. They are all of high fermentation and each with its own distinct character. You could say there is a De Graal beer for every occasion.

Meet our beers. Click on the label for further information.

  • De Graal Blond
    De Graal Blond
    Blonde beer with an alcohol content of 6.5 vol%. March 2014: new hop mix

  • De Graal Gember
    De Graal Gember
    Blonde beer spiced with ginger. The alcohol content is 8 vol%.

  • De Graal Triverius
    De Graal Triverius
    Wheat beer with an alcohol content of 6.8 vol%.

  • De Graal Tripel
    De Graal Tripel
    Lightly sweet heavy blonde beer. The alcohol content is 9 vol%.

  • De Graal Dubbel
    De Graal Dubbel
    Brown-red beer with an alcohol content of 6.5 vol%.

  • De Graal Quest

    Blond bitter triple beer.
  • De Graal Kathar
    Blond beer (3.9vol%) with Belgian and English yeast.