Het graalkasteel

De Graal Castle

Do you also often have a problem deciding what to get your father on father's day ? Or what to buy your uncle Carl as a New Year's present ? Is it driving you crazy to walk around town for hours looking for a present for your neighbour who's celebrating his retirement ? They're already well-equipped to do their gardening, and they gave up smoking years ago...

Well, brewery De Graal just might have the perfect solution to your problem : the "Graal" castle !

This wonderfully designed original gift-wrapping contains no less than eight 33cl bottles from the entire selection of De Graal beers, with on top of that a genuine De Graal beer glass. And let's not forget the absolutely breath-taking packaging in the shape of a medieval castle. The true beer lover will be thrilled to receive this "Graal" castle.

As we say in Belgium : real knights know why