Brewing on premise

Ever since the early start, back in 2002, one of brewery De Graal's specialties was the production of beers on premise. Customers can have their own proper beer made, according to their own wishes. Brewery De Graal produces those beers in quantities of at least 1000 liters, and always at the best price.
A personalized beer can be great for pubs, restaurants, companies, etc. that want to sell their own beer, or distribute it among their members, customers or business relations. Or when you're celebrating your birthday or an anniversary, your own proper beer will be that original touch that makes it memorable.

Two options are possible :

  • Op maat 1


    The beer is brewed following the customer's original recipe, which is further elaborated and perfectioned in consultation with the brewer.

  • Op maat 2


    The beer is an adapted version of one of the standard beers from the De Graal assortment.