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Brewery De Graal (the name is Dutch for 'the grail') is a young Belgian artisanal, yet automated, brewery located in Brakel, in the heart of the beautiful region that is commonly called 'the Flemish Ardennes'. The brewery of graduate brewer Wim Saeyens started in early 2002, and has known a consistent growth ever since. In the summer of 2016 the brewery moved to a new building.
Continuous investments in the latest brewing technologies have made it possible for brewery De Graal to keep up with the increasing demand for high quality beers.

The name “De Graal” or “Grail” originates from the beaker from which Christ drank during the last supper. Several quests were done in order to find the Grail during the Middle ages but without result. Also at brewery De Graal the everlasting quest for the perfect beer remains a central item.

The owner/brewer is has a PhD in Chemistry and followed brewing courses in one of the oldest brewing schools in Ghent..

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Wim Saeyens

The Brewer

Brewer Wim Saeyens studied chemistry at the University of Leuven, after that, he obtained his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. He basically started loving beer by drinking it, but it was the infamous professor Denis De Keukeleire who taught him the love for brewing. It was also him who advised Wim to lift his brewing skills to perfection at Ghent's oldest school of brewers, CTL.

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Brewery De Graal


Brewery De Graal offers guided tours to the brewery for groups of ten to thirty people. The price per visitor is € 8 and includes one drink. Any additional drink is € 2.

Given the busy brewing schedule, it is necessary to make a reservation for your visit. You can contact us here.

Since it is located in the heart of the wonderful 'Flemish Ardennes', a visit to brewery De Graal can easily be combined with a visit to one of the many other great sights in the area.

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    Industrielaan 42a, B - 9660 Brakel

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    +32 (0) 494/718729

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    Brouwerijwinkel: zaterdag 9u-16u
    ma/wo/do 8u-17u, vrij 8u-16u30